29 November 2010

Playing in the powdery white stuff

On Saturday, Roy and I decided to take a trip to Verbier to have a play in snow. Even though it snowed in our little town during the week, it didn't snow enough for us to play in it so we had to go higher to find the real stuff. We caught a train to Martigny then hopped on the Saint-Bernard Express which took us to a little town called La Châble where we jumped on a PostBus which took us on a winding trip up to the ski town of Verbier. 

We had contemplated going skiing but since Roy and I are very inexperienced when it comes to skiing (I have never been skiing and Roy has only been skiing once in Australia) we decided to just wander around the town and watch the avid skiers and boarders do their thing. The snow here was so powdery we couldn't even compact it enough to make snowballs to throw at each other.

I got to make my first snow angel!

A Winter Wonderland!

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