25 July 2011

A few photos to share

So I recently bought an iPad 2 which I took on our adventure in June so I'm going to share a few photos that I took using the app called Instagram. Most of them are from when we were in Australia and naturally a lot of them are of the cute dog that rules the Wallace household, Ruby! She's always a source of entertainment and she's really good at giving cuddles and kisses, but only when she wants to.

Ruby's faithful bunny

Roy relaxing on the famed blue couch

We had a nice time catching up with Roy's sister, Kate over some beer and cards, something we used to do a fair bit while we were living in Aus.
On our stop-over in England on our way back to Switzerland. 
Demonstrating the beautiful weather that we had in England on our stop-over.
In Nijmegen, The Netherlands on our stop-over to Switzerland. Yes, it was a long way back home - long story. 
And we're finally back home - Our lovely balcony.
Our lovely mountains.
My favourite Swiss pooch (not technically Swiss - Actually Australian/British). Tobias!
My herbs which were well looked after by my friend while we were galavanting around the globe.
More of our mountains or cliff if you prefer to call it that.
Lazy, summer afternoons on the hammock with an icy beverage.
I finally received this package which my Mum sent before my first trip back to Australia.  I think it took about 3 months to get to us. I was starting to think that it wasn't going to come. But it did. And it was yummy.

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