24 March 2011

The largest underground lake in Europe

Last Saturday the weather was fairly overcast in our little part of the country so we decided to head to Europe's largest underground lake - Saint-Léonard for a tour. Once we drove past Martigny on the autoroutes the skies opened up and gave us some sun which was quite nice. It was no coincidence that we went to the sunniest part of Canton Valais. With the weather warming up we are enjoying the sun which is a nice change from the bitter cold winds.

We met up with our friends at the lake, bought our tickets and waited for the next tour which we were told would be taken in English. The tour guide came and spoke to various people in three different languages. The tour was actually being taken in French, Swiss German and English which made it quite interesting to listen to. I'm not sure how the guy managed to get his story across because he had to switch between the three languages the whole time.. it would have been rather confusing for the poor guy. We hopped into our big row boat and settled in for a leisurely half hour boat ride to the end of the lake and back. The water was beautiful and clear which made it really easy for us to spot the trout that were introduced to the lake to keep the health of the water nice.

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