22 March 2011


A couple of weeks ago Roy went skiing with some work friends so I jumped in the little red car with Mitch and Lu and we went for a nice scenic drive to the mountain town of Grindelwald. The drive there was really beautiful! I take mountains for granted now that I live amongst them but I found a new appreciation for them after this drive. There were some rather spectacular views from the windy, steep roads. My photos don't really do it justice but it gives you an idea of the beauty of the snowcapped, gigantic mountains that inhabit this little, landlocked country.

In the town of Grindelwald
It was quite touristy but a nice little ski village. I had to watch what I was saying because there were a lot of English tourists who could understand my strange stories.

See the strange, wooden bike/ski/sled on the right of the picture? There were quite a few people with these things in this town. I've never seen them before in any other ski village.
Definitely worth going to again. Now that we have our own set of wheels I daresay that Roy and I will go there to admire the views.

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