19 December 2011

Leaving the USA

Okay, so I've been quite slack on the blogging. We left the USA in October but I still haven't blogged about our visit to the Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia. We left New York and had a few hours to kill in Washington Dulles until our flight back to Geneva and Roy was very keen to go to the Smithsonian, National Air and Space Museum which is a short bus trip from the airport. It seems like a popular way to pass the time between flights because there are regular shuttle buses leaving from Dulles to go to the museum and there were plenty of passengers. The main reason for Roy's enthusiasm to pay this museum a visit was the fact that there is a SPACE SHUTTLE in it.

We walked into the museum and were amazed at how many planes and aircraft they could fit inside the seemingly small building. We gazed in awe at the amazing set up of exhibits demonstrating the history of aviation and space. We heard on the loud speaker that they were going to start a free tour of the museum and since we didn't really know where to start on our own, we thought they might take advantage of the opportunity. The tour guide introduced himself and explained that there are only a few hired staff that run the museum and the rest of the staff are made up of aviation enthusiasts who hold the tours. He started us off at the very beginning at the birth of aviation. His tour quickly turned into more of a history of the United States and what they contributed to the industry and it kind of got a little bit tedious and boring so we thought we'd head off and explore by ourselves.

It didn't take us long to discover the GIGANTIC space shuttle which dwarfed everything that surrounded it inside the hangar. It was amazing to look at. We later found out that it had never actually taken a voyage into space but instead was used as a test shuttle. Nevertheless, it was still cool.

There were heaps and heaps of planes to look at but only a few nearly as impressive as the shuttle.

It was an impressive museum and a great way to fill in time between flights.

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